The Torino Genova Route - patch for signals.

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The Torino Genova Route - patch for signals.
« on: Monday 24 May, 2010, 07:28:26 »
The Torino Genova - patch that fixes the non-random display of some signals sailing round.

This patch resolves to not display the colors red, green and yellow signal first class sailing round with left post with a link.

Signals were made by Marco Melis (Trenomarcus Assets) and this update was done at the explicit permission of the author Claudio Mussa.

To overcome this anomaly, pending the next update and future version of the Torino Genova which will include this improvement should act as described herein.

1) Download and save the file referenced by this link:

2) Save it in the following subfolder, its correct identification is essential!

......\Steam\steamapps\common\railworks\Assets\Trenomarcus\Segnali FS\RailNetwork\Signals\FS\3D

3) Unpack the contents of the zip file and confirm overwriting the existing file "1categoria_1vela_PS.GeoPcDx" and other files ...

Warning! If not asking you to overwrite the files 1categoria_1vela_PS.GeoPcDx "means that you have unpacked the zip file in the correct folder.

4) Remove the Zip file (now no longer needed)

5) Launch Rail Works and perform the procedure "Clear Cache"

6) Start trafficking Torino Genova you can use with the signals displayed correctly.

From this instant the signal will behave properly it will be everywhere and therefore also on routes and scenarios from Torino Genova .

Trusting that these steps resolve the problem I apologize for the inconvenience, Mussa Claudio