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Title: Fsx without cd
Post by: Mystery X on Friday 28 March, 2014, 23:30:40

Just bought a new laptop without a cd-rom/dvd driver

Is there anyway i can install FSX without using the cd's?
I own the product legale with licence code.
Title: Re: Fsx without cd
Post by: DickT on Saturday 29 March, 2014, 09:36:01
Do you have a computer with a CD/DVD drive at your disposal?
If the answer is yes proceed as follows: download MagicDisc ( and install it on the computer with the cd/dvd drive. In the systemtray there will be an icon for MagicDisc, right click on it and choose make CD/DVD Image. The program now makes een image (ISO-file) of the disk, put that file on a usb-stick. On the laptop, also install MagicDisc, right click on the icon in the systemtray, choose Virtual CD?DVD-ROM and mount the ISO-file you made (of course you'll have to insert the usb stick in the laptop first ;) ). Now you can, if all is well, install from the virtual CD-ROM drive.

Title: Re: Fsx without cd
Post by: Mystery X on Saturday 29 March, 2014, 13:12:26
Thx, now its installing to my network user and not the public one.
I use the laptop also for work so it has an network user and a public user.
The setup installer Gives an error that it cant reach the network user.

Is there an way that the setup installs to another user on the laptop?
The error appears before i can choose a drive. It happens in the wizard preparing the setup.
Title: Re: Fsx without cd
Post by: Mystery X on Wednesday 02 April, 2014, 10:19:02
Yeahhh got it working!
After installing the two patches and replaced the backup of the A1 traffic from WOAI i got some issues.
MD11 traffic contains white plains and also my backup of airplanes which i placed in the simobjects folders are having some texture problems. The KLM A380 and a MD11 has no textures and shows up white in FSX.
Whats the problem here? Do i have to chage my settings or reinstall the whole thing?

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