(TS20xx) Railjet to Graz

This is a Scenario for Suedbahn: Bruck an der mur - Graz-Maribor Route from RSSLO  for TS2020
Duration : 31 minutes
Difficulty : Easy

Theres a .rwp inside the .zip folder i recommend .7zip(Freeware) program Extract the .zip and install .rwp using the utilites in the Railworks folder.

Thank u for trying my scenario !

Thanks to DTG for TS2019
Thanks to RSSLO for the route
Thanks to Just Trains and Railworks Austria for Railjet and other freeware addons

*PLEASE NOTE* All freewares addons listed in route page is required for this scenario to run
Due to intensive trackwork on the route not many AI's which just will have difficulties with FPS so minimal AI's are added


TreinPunt.NL Webshop (https://www.treinpunt.nl/shop/)
- RWA Railjet Advanced

Steam (https://store.steampowered.com/app/24010)
- Train Simulator: European Loco & Asset Pack

- ÖBB 1142/ ÖBB 1042 (https://railworks-austria.at/index.php/downloads/lokomotiven/download/6-elektroloks/50-oebb-1142)
- ÖBB 1144 (https://railworks-austria.at/index.php/downloads/lokomotiven/download/6-elektroloks/170-oebb-1144)
- ÖBB Rnooss (https://railworks-austria.at/index.php/downloads/wagen/download/11-gueterwagen/209-oebb-rnooss)
- ÖBB Modularwagen (https://railworks-austria.at/index.php/downloads/download/12-personenwagen/171-oebb-modularwagen)

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