(TS20xx) (vR) BR 189 206-6 SBB & ERS 'Vincent van Gogh'

SBB Cargo international & ERS Railways BV 189 206 'Vincent van Gogh'.
Included are the SBB & ERS 189 206 locomotives (br189 from VirtualRailroads is REQUIRED) with two consists.

 -Install the .rwp file using the utilities.exe in your RailWorks folder.
 -Open the .rwp file as an archive (using for example WinRar or 7Zip) and copy the 'Assets' folder to your RailWorks folder.

Copy 'BR189_MRCE_112.GeoPcDx'
from RailWorksAssetsvirtualRailroadsvR_BR189_VRot_ELElloksBR189
to RailWorksAssetsvirtualRailroadsvR_BR189_VRot_ELElloksBR189_Gogh
AND to RailWorksAssetsvirtualRailroadsvR_BR189_VRot_ELElloksBR189_Gogh_SBB


SBB Cargo international & ERS Railways BV 189 206 'Vincent van Gogh'.
Bijgevoegd zijn de SBB en ERS 189 206 locomotieven (br189 van VirtualRailroads VEREIST) met twee consists.

 -Installeer het .rwp bestand met de utilities.exe in de Railworks map.
 -Open het .rwp bestand als een archief (met bijvorbeeld WinRar of 7Zip) en kopieer de 'Assets' map naar de RailWorks map.

Kopieer 'BR189_MRCE_112.GeoPcDx'
Van RailWorksAssetsvirtualRailroadsvR_BR189_VRot_ELElloksBR189
Naar RailWorksAssetsvirtualRailroadsvR_BR189_VRot_ELElloksBR189_Gogh
EN naar RailWorksAssetsvirtualRailroadsvR_BR189_VRot_ELElloksBR189_Gogh_SBB

SBB Cargo international & ERS Railways BV 189 206 'Vincent van Gogh'.
Dieser Download enthalt der SBB und ERS 189 206 Lokomotiven (br189 von VirtualRailroads ERFORDERLICH) mit zwei Consists.

 -Installieren Sie das .rwp Datei mit der utilities.exe in der RailWorks Mappe.
 -Offnen Sie das .rwp Datei als Archif (mit WinRar oder 7Zip) und kopiere der 'Assets' Mappe nach der RailWorks Mappe.

Kopieren Sie 'BR189_MRCE_112.GeoPcDx'
Von RailWorksAssetsvirtualRailroadsvR_BR189_VRot_ELElloksBR189
Nach RailWorksAssetsvirtualRailroadsvR_BR189_VRot_ELElloksBR189_Gogh
UND nach RailWorksAssetsvirtualRailroadsvR_BR189_VRot_ELElloksBR189_Gogh_SBB


'Release' 1.0:
 -Repaint submitted to VirtualRailroads for release.

Release 1.1:
 -Fixed minor issues in folder structure (letter casing) and fixed white railing on blue side to be black.

Auteur: Direqt
Bestandsgrootte: 68.330.038
Bestandstype: .zip
FileID: RW_2415

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