(TS2017) (v5-NS-R 2017) IC 4533 Enkhuizen - Amsterdam CS

Drive the IC 4533 express service from Enkhuizen to Amsterdam Centraal during the morning hours.
This scenario takes 64 minutes and runs from 08:51 to 09:54.
All AI trains are actual, scheduled trains in the 2017 timetable and are placed with the help of http://ns.nl, http://wiki.ovinnederland.nl, and http://somda.nl.

Required rolling stock:
Christrains V-IRM: http://www.christrains.com/ts_product_nsirm.html
Christrains SGMm: http://www.christrains.com/ts_product_nssgm.html
Christrains DDZ: http://www.christrains.com/ts_product_nsddz.html
Christrains ICM: http://www.christrains.com/ts_product_nsicmm.html
Christrains SLT: http://www.christrains.com/ts_product_nsslt.html

Due to the TS2017 dispatcher's limitations in train spacing, i had to schedule a 1 minute stop at Zaandam. Even with this stop, the timetable at Sloterdijk is still achievable albeit you will have to keep closer to the speed limit than usual. It's the only deviation from the NS-R timetable present in the scenario.

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