(TS2017) (v5-2017) IC 3052 Amsterdam - Den Helder

Drive the IC 3052 from Amsterdam Centraal to Den Helder during the evening rush hour. There are no reported issues on the line, so you should have a smooth run. This scenario takes 80 minutes and runs from 16:36 to 17:56.
All AI trains are actual, scheduled trains in the 2017 timetable and are placed as according to http://ns.nl, http://wiki.ovinnederland.nl, and http://somda.nl.

Required rolling stock:
Christrains V-IRM: http://www.christrains.com/ts_product_nsirm.html
Christrains SGMm: http://www.christrains.com/ts_product_nssgm.html
Christrains DD-AR: http://www.christrains.com/ts_product_nsdd-ar_nl.html
Christrains ICM: http://www.christrains.com/ts_product_nsicmm.html
Christrains SLT: http://www.christrains.com/ts_product_nsslt.html

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