(RW) UKTS Freeware Route Pack - Great Central Railway

UKTS Freeware Route Pack - Great Central Railway versie (version) 3.0.12

Het UKTrainsim Freeware project is er om je leven makkelijker te maken. Door middel van het verzamelen van elkaars freeware producten en re-skins in simpele installaties hopen wij de volgende doelstellingen te bereiken:

  • Gratis.
  • Simpel te installeren.
  • Betrouwbare bron voor freeware ontwikkelaars.
  • Toename van de gratis content.

The UKTrainSim Freeware Project is here to make your life easier. By collecting together freeware items and re-skins for RailWorks donated by the community into simple to download and install packs we hope to achieve the following core aims:

  • Free
  • Simple to install
  • Reliable resource for freeware developers
  • Significantly increase the amount of free content available

Bestandsgrootte: 70,661,940
Bestandstype: exe
File ID: RW_1602
Released: 02-10-2013
Webpage: http://uktrainsim.com/filelib-info.php?form_fileid=31726 and http://www.uktrainsim.com/FreewarePacks/index.php?p=ThePacks&pack_id=GCR

Zie ook / See also:
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Benodigde payware / Required payware

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Special message:
It goes without saying that the packs would not exist without the community coming together and supporting it. Many members of the community have offered words of encouragement, support, time, energy and much more. Throughout the development of the Freeware Pack Project I have made every attempt to record the donations and support people have given. Please take a moment to acknowledge all the people who have helped by visiting the Credits page.

The project to develop version 2 of this route was started by Manuel Sanchez de Jesús who started work on putting the TS2012 lighting in to version 1 of the route for his own fun. That inspired me to begin a dedicated TS2012(now TS2013!) version of the route. Manuel agreed to do the lighting for the 'master' version. So it's his lighting you see throughout the route at night. Thanks Manuel!

Thanks to Kirk Heath who carried out the signalling on the original version. The signals still stand up well!!

My thanks also to Antony Perks who added in the authentic GWR signals at Swithland and a couple of modifications along the line as well.

Thanks to Jeff(JADSHome) who made a lovely job of the fencing around Leicester North station.

Thanks to Stephen Gurney for the Black 5 and the custom steam effects.

Thanks to David at Steamsounds.org.uk for allowing me to use some of your sounds

And thanks to anyone one else for encouragement along the way and those that helped with version 1 - especially Paul Springthorpe and Derek (SundayPM). And any who've done testing - you know who you are!!

Source: UKTrainsim

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