(RW) BR101 DB Fernverkehr Repaint (Cewe)

BR101 DB Fernverkehr Repaint (Cewe) versie 1.0

BR101 DB Fernverkehr Repaint (Cewe).
Lees goed de readme omdat installatie niet heel gemakkelijk is.  

BR101 DB Fernverkehr Repaint (Cewe)
Please read the ReadMe file as installation is not a one step process.

BR101 DB Fernverkehr Repaint (Cewe).

Original model: Railsimulator.com
Auteur: David Hossack
Bestandsgrootte: 2.491.610
Bestandstype: zip
File ID: RW_1246

Required: Default BR294 model distributed with TS2012 / Standaard geleverde BR294 zoals geleverd in TS2012

Benodigde Payware/Required Payware/Erforderliche Payware
Munich to Augsburg Add-On http://store.steampowered.com/app/208288/?snr=1_7_suggest__13
OF: Ruhr-Sieg Line Add-On http://store.steampowered.com/app/208304/?snr=1_7_suggest__13

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