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Announcing Train Frontier Express
« on: Friday 26 August, 2011, 10:12:35 »
Train Frontier Express
Indie Games Summer Uprising Finalist
Releases August 31st, 2011
Price 240 MSP

    Dev Blog http://trainfrontier.com
    Twitter http://www.twitter.com/TrainFrontier
    Facebook http://www.facebook.com/TrainFrontier
    Youtube http://www.youtube.com/trainfrontierexpress

Train Frontier Express is a stylized landscape building and train riding game, focused on the fun of model railroad building rather than complex train simulation. Fill a scene with miles of track, hundreds of props, and train car setups. Enjoy a ride through your own creation, then head online and share your maps friends and ride together.

    What-you-see-is-what-you-get world editor
    Stylized pop-art and funky props
    Customized train setups
    Derailment and explosive effects
    Share maps and ride online with 4 player Xbox Live play

We're one of the very few train sims to hit the console market, which is even rarer outside of Japan. We're promising an update in the future expanding the game, including co-op world editing. We also take suggestions and interact with fans through our various social sites and dev blog. Train Frontier Express is a family friendly game for families who love trains.

About Team Train Frontier

Team Train Frontier is comprised of two San Diego game developers, both with AAA development experience working on their first indie title. Eric "expartend" is the team coder and an amateur anthropologist, while Emoks is the team artist and an amateur oil wrestler. The two E's are not your typical train sim developers, and are gamers through and through, taking inspiration from both 'core games and pop culture.

538 posts